1550nm laser linewidth driver

Compact Laser Modules with Phono Jack - Thorlabs- 1550nm laser linewidth driver ,These phono-jack-equipped laser modules are available in either collimated or adjustable-focus varieties and provide output powers ranging from 0.85 mW to 4.5 mW (laser safety Class 2 or 3R depending on the model). Each module has an output beam shape that is either elliptical or round, as Support & training - iXblueiXblue Support team offers 24/7 assistance around the world and provides a wide range of services around the idea of sharing the knowledge gained on the field.

1550 nm laser diode up to 400mW -SHIPS TODAY- fiber DFB ...

The singlemode Butterfly 1550nm laser diode is also offered mounted on this pulse and CW laser diode driver. Scroll down to see all configurations and prices. Wavelength : 1550 nm or select the wavelength you need between 1260 and 1650 nm (Most 1310, 1550 and 1650 nm models are in stock)

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All Laser Diode Wavelengths & Brands, One Site, Comparison ...

LASER DIODE SOURCE, Wavelengths from 370nm to 15,000nm, ALL OF THE MANUFACTURERS On One Site, Research & Compare - Select the Best Laser Diode Shop 10,000 + Laser Diodes,

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Free-Space Electro-Optic Modulators - Thorlabs

The experimental setup used the HRS015 HeNe (633 nm) and LP980-SF15 fiber-pigtailed laser (980 nm) as light sources. A linear polarizer ( LPVISB100 or LPNIR100 ) placed after the source ensured the polarization of the input light was at a 45° angle to the optic axis of the EO-AM-NR-C1 electro-optic amplitude modulator.

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