ortur laser g8 lens

Plywood / wood laser cutting - getting started with ...- ortur laser g8 lens ,For better, quick and accurate laser cutting you need to use G-2 short focal lens that allows getting 60 x 133 uM laser beam spot. The best laser beam spot can be achieved. Make sure that your MDF, plywood, wood, laserply is not fire-resistive and good for laser cutting. Make sure that your laser lens is clean. Make sure you are in a perfect focus. The Endurance 10 watt diode laser module for 3D printers and CNCsThe Endurance 10 watt "Invincible" diode laser module with 445 nm wavelength. Converts any 3D printer or CNC machine into a powerful laser cutting and engraving tool. Cuts wood, plywood, acrylic. Engraves on steel, copper, and anodized aluminum.

Laser beam focusing - How to make Best laser focus!

As for this 10 watt diode laser you need to make a correction for the focal range to get the best engraving results: 71.1 mm – 13 mm (the difference between the laser height and the Z 0 position) – 0.5 mm (thickness of the material)= 57.6 mm; this is the range between the lens and the surface of the work material.

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